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Rebecca's Story

Hi! Thank you so much for joining me here at Navigating Parenting. My name is Rebecca, and I am a Conscious Parenting coach. I live in Los Angeles with my husband and 3 children; Mimi 6 yo, Yitzi 4 yo and Ellie 18 months.

You may hear a lot about them because they are not only my biggest teachers, they also give me most of my material and were my inspiration for becoming a conscious parenting coach.

I always wanted to be a mom, but motherhood was a new and oftentimes scary domain for me. As I went from being a mom of 1 to 2 to 3 children, the fun grew but so did the challenges. I found myself ill equipped to handle a lot of situations I found myself in with my children which would leave me feeling frustrated, angry and helpless. I could envision how I wanted to parent, and how I wanted my children to grow up but I didn’t know how to bring us there. I was lacking structure, formula and the right words and tools and so I sought out a parenting coaching certification.

I yearned to not only bring more peace, communication and connection into my family’s life but then to also be able to share it with other parents. Now here we are! I have always and truly believed every parent and family are able to achieve a strong lasting relationship with their children. Every blessing, challenge, word, and interaction have led you to this moment in your life! I am looking forward to connecting with you

What I Can do for You

As a coach and public speaker I have taught for over 10 years now and mentored dozen of clients one on one. 

Parenting can be the toughest job. To be a good parent and navigate all the hurdles isn’t taught to us in school. 

I remember with my first child I was clueless, frightened and always doubting myself: “Am I a good parent?”

Conscious Parenting through positive experiences and collaborative work is undeniable. 

The good news is all situations can change for the better. I invite you for a 30mn Free Discovery Call and we can decide, together, the best next step for you.

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Take a leap, this free call comes with no strings attached. I am eager and would love to help as much as I can