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Weekly Class: October 15th, 2021


Weekly Class: August 5th, 2021


Weekly Class: July 15th, 2021


Weekly Class: July 8th, 2021

A lot of parenting guidance stresses the importance of facilitating conversations with our children around feelings. But what do we do when our child doesn’t want to talk about their feelings in the moment, or even go back to them from a place of calm?

Weekly Class: July 1st, 2021

How do we help our children in the midst of tragedies and the difficult questions that arise around them? There are so many big feelings and fear that can come up, it can be so hard to know what to do and how to handle them. Watch this class for support and guidance around this topic.

Weekly Class: June 24th, 2021


Weekly Class: June 17th, 2021

Do you notice children are  more defiant then ever these days? Why is that and what can be done? Take a watch!

Weekly Class: May 27th, 2021


Weekly Class: May 20th, 2021

Praise has always been thought of a way to build a child’s self-confidence, but lately it has become more controversial.

Why is that? And if we shouldn’t praise our child how can we acknowledge their strengths and help build that self-confidence? Watch this class to learn more!

Weekly Class: May 13th, 2021

Weekly Class: May 6th, 2021

Family Values are important because they are the foundation on which we can build cooperation, create, implelemt and uphold boundries, and arm our children with internal strength to go out into the world as secure and strong human beings. In this video I explain what they are, how to know which family values are right for you and how to implement them in your family life.

Weekly Class: Apr 29th, 2021

Have you ever heard when a child is screaming, tantrumming, speaking disrespectfully they are “just doing it for attention”? And if they are just doing it for attention, the best thing to do is ignore them; and then they’ll stop.

It may be true, but what might they feel if they are ignored; unloved, unimportant, abandoned amongst other feelings. Watch this video for another way to approach handling that child’s need for attention.

Weekly Class: Apr 22nd, 2021

I hear from so many parents how hard it is for them to stay patient in challenging moments. What if I told you it was less about staying patient in the moment and more about proactively setting yourself up for success to be patient. Watch this video for some patience hacks!

Weekly Class: Apr 15th, 2021

Empathy is an incredible game-changing tool that we can use to provide relief in any moment of a big reaction or emotion with our child (or with ourselves!) While it takes some practice, watch this to understand empathy, how to use it, and how to make it work for you right now!

Weekly Class: Apr 8th, 2021

Feelings have a bad rep, but they are simply messengers for us, we just need to learn how to listen to them. Many of us weren’t taught how to name and express our feelings so we can grow through them. Naming our feelings is an important step in learning how to manage and move through them. Watch this video to learn why naming our feelings is so important, and how to do it!

Weekly Class: Mar 18th, 2021

Your child is challenging you a lot. You have learned about choosing the right words, how to take (or avoid) certain actions; but have you worked on your thoughts? Your mindset and the intention you hold about your child and your relationship with your child can make all the difference.

Weekly Class: Mar 11th, 2021

Should parents apologize? Does it show weakness or strength? How do we teach our children to apologize?

If we apologize for our actions does that validate our children’s part in the conflict? If we do want to apologize then how do we do it?

Navigating parenting in a conscious way is about creating connection with our children. Apologizing is just one part of repairing our relationship after we make a mistake with our children. Watch this video to gain an understanding of how we can repair after a conflict with our child and use it to create a greater connection in our relationship.

Weekly Class: Mar 4th, 2021

Parents are people too! Self- care is really important; and while we may know that, it can also sometimes seem really hard to commit to. Namely because of lack of resources; time & money! 

Watch this video for a deeper understanding into self-care and how you can make sure to always get it!  

Weekly Class: Feb 25th, 2021

We want to have an empowered relationship with our children, but sometimes it feels like a power struggle, with both sides vying for the control. Watch this video for some key tips to creating a relationship with our children in which we, as parents and our children can feel empowered and fulfilled within our relationship.  

Weekly Class: Feb 18th, 2021

We all want to build lasting relationships with our children based on trust and respect, but what happens when our children aren’t behaving or speaking respectfully. How can we motivate our children to cooperate when we have asked many times and they just are not listening?

Punishments, rewards, bribes and threats have been the way that many of us have been taught to motivate our children’s behavior. But what if that isn’t really the best way?

Weekly Class: Feb 11th, 2021

Our goal is all the same: to build lasting relationships with our children and create an environment where our children can thrive and grow into the best possible person they can be. Centuries of harnessing the belief that we have to use punishments, rewards, bribes and threats to build cooperation and teach our children hasn’t made our world more peaceful or the people in it happier, fulfilled, accountable, responsible, moral, nor treat each other with more human dignity and kindness. It may require extra patience, research, support, and asking questions but if we focus on building communication, connection, and trust then we will find we don’t need to resort to these tactics anymore.

Weekly Class: Feb 4th, 2021

As parents we need constant reminders, encouragement, and connection with wisdom to help us stay inspired, confident, and reminded of the best ways to parent our children. The topics, challenges, struggles, examples, and our children’s growth  is never ending. Just when we think we have it under control a new situation arises we need to tackle with our children. This is normal and this is part of growing children, parenting and human life.

We have lots of questions, and there’s so much to learn; sometimes it seems overwhelming and complicated. It’s hard to know what to do, where to start, who to listen to; AND how to find the time for it! Life as a parent is so busy!

On my membership site I offer affordable weekly classes that are never more then 30 minutes covering all sorts of topics that don’t build off of each other so that you can watch them as isolated videos, or all of them to gain insight into different topics and ideas related to parenting, without overwhelming you with content or the need to put in a lot of time.