Navigating Parenting was born out of both my love for and struggle with being a parent. There were so many moments of connection, and compassion and fun and play, and empowerment that I had with my children as a parent but there were at least as many moments of fear and loneliness and desperation, frustration, anger feeling helpless and hopeless and really not living up to the parent that I envisioned myself being for my children, for my family and for myself.

 I believe that every single one of us, as parent has within ourselves our own internal parenting compass, our own internal parental intuition. Navigating Parenting isn’t about me telling you how to parent, it is about me supporting you on your journey as you grow as a parent to become the most empowered, happiest, fulfilled version of yourself, listening to and being guided with your own internal parenting compass. 

Every family is unique, every parent, every child is unique and has a different set of strengths and challenges  different set of value system and it is so important for us as parents to know that we only need to be the best version of ourselves. I truly, truly believe that every parent has the ability to have connection, cooperation and communication and inner peace with their children and around their parenting. It takes work, but every single one of us has the power to do that.

I Coach.

Reading blogs & watching videos is great but what happens when my child throws a tantrum and I need guidance NOW?

I Speak.

Did you hear or see something you liked from me? Wouldn’t it be great to share that with a group
of friends and family?

I Write.

There is always something going on with our kids, I blog from those experiences. Stay tuned and I will be so happy to share with you!

Need Advice?

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Rebecca Guez

Hi! Thank you so much for joining me here at Navigating Parenting. My name is Rebecca, and I am a Conscious Parenting coach. I live in Los Angeles with my husband and 3 children; Mimi 6 yr, Yitzi 4 yr and Ellie 18 months.

You may hear a lot about them because they are not only my biggest teachers, they also give me most of my material and were my inspiration for becoming a conscious parenting coach (…)

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