Why punishment and rewards don’t really work with our kids

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Punishments, rewards, threats and bribes may not be the best solution.
Why do we always resort to that and what are our alternatives?

 Generation after generation, humanity has taught that good behavior should be rewarded (do good and earn a sticker or a prize!) while bad behavior will be punished (time outs and detention). We bribe and we threaten to incentivize, but in the real world, they are illegal. Is it possible that rather than really teaching a lesson the punishments, rewards, threats and bribes teach our children to be afraid of getting caught, to obey authority (even when they’re wrong) and perform good deeds for recognition? Centuries of harnessing this belief hasn’t made our world more peaceful or the people in it happier, fulfilled, accountable, responsible, moral, nor treat each other with more human dignity and kindness. 

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