Winter break is over, back to Zoom!

We did it!

While we both look forward to Mimi going back to in person learning safely in the future, we are both feeling excited and happy that winter break is over and she’s back to school on zoom!! ❤️❤️❤️ 

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Yesterday we both had a looot of feelings around the news Mimi wouldn’t be going back to in-person learning right away (see yesterday’s IGTV) so we named our low vibes, felt them deeply, went through them and today we are feeling high vibes!!

A few other things that helped: 

❤️ We set up her workspace in a way that made her feel taken care of: a plant, some crystals, and a cute heart (see next slide) with some positive affirmations that Mimi connects with

❤️ She has snacks and her water next to her, and all of her supplies neat and organized

❤️ Mimi needed reassurance that we were in this together and I would be with her every step of the way. “I’m here with you; we’ve got this together”

❤️ We’re happy to have the extra time to spend together

❤️ We spoke about fun things we can do during her breaks

❤️ Knowing that this special time at home is just a phase. In-school person will start again, and there will be so much more of that in the future! She’s in 1st grade! 

But honestly, the biggest part was just letting those big feelings out there, allowing them and by doing that, giving them the space they needed to dissipate.

What big feelings are you or your kids having today that you can honor and give space too so they can melt away?


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