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Enjoy this crazy time

One of the things you hear a lot as a parent with young children is to enjoy this crazy time, it flies by and you’ll miss it, and often I feel it is with a twinge of sadness, remorse or longing for what has passed. I heard the same statement as a kid, a teenager and then a college student.

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On one hand, I agree wholeheartedly. Although still young, I can’t believe my first baby is already 5 and I’m (working hard on) appreciating this stage of life even when I feel exhausted and stretched completely thin. I am sure I will miss it a lot.

On the other hand though, something I have been thinking about a lot is that looking back on the last year, and the last decade a lot of time may have passed but also, SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. There have been many many challenges, many many blessings and a lot of growth. And only TIME (and a lot of hard work) can make that happen.

There are moments where I do miss being carefree as a kid, fearless as a teenager and the feeling that the whole world is at your fingertips as a college student. And I may miss these crazy days with young children (I’m sure I will). But the time that has passed has brought me to today, to now, and that’s what it will continue to do, and so I look back on it happily, but also can’t wait to see what happens as time continues.

On that note, wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year and to be able to look back at 2020 from 2021 at how wonderful it was to have time pass because you accomplished, you grew, you changed, so that you can say happily and contently that time flew by.


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