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Freakin’ Weekend

Weekends are always challenging for me. I don’t have much help, we’re severely out of our schedule and so even if my kids are ok, I suffer.

We all have needs; every child, every person; every mom. When our needs aren’t met we just can’t function at our best. What I have learned about myself is that in order to function from my highest self, I need alone time; peace and quiet to be by myself with my own thoughts, even if it’s just for 30 mins.

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For me, nighttime doesn’t count the same way, I need this time in the morning in order to be the best version of myself for the rest of the day and to be there to support everyone else in my life. During the week I am a blessed to get that but on the weekends it is trickier. And oftentimes I don’t make the time and I feel burnt out and find myself with weekends that feel really hard, rather then with quality family time.

This morning I just wasn’t at my best, I was snapping at my kids and my husband and I felt incapable of showing up as my best self for my family. So I ran out of the house sans makeup for a walk. I came to the park sat down did a 10 minute meditation, i am writing this post and then I will go back home and spend the rest of the day taking care of everyone else. A job I am grateful and blessed to have.

Many times we wonder why we get frustrated, angry, emotional, resentful when we live a life with beautiful blessings. There is nothing wrong with you, you are a good parent, a good person, you are trying your best.

Almost always it is because we are either not in touch with our own needs or we are not fulfilling them. The only person who can make sure we do that is YOU.

One more thing, I KNOW we all have obstacles to fulfilling those needs. I KNOW it feels impossible to do. But we MUST find just a little time to fulfill a need every day.


What is a need that you have that you CAN fulfill to set up your day to take care of everyone else around you so you can truly enjoy your life and everyone else in it?

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