Father’s Day

Father’s Day this year has me reflecting on my husband, and our relationship as parents.

Whether you are currently in a relationship with your child’s parent or not, parenting together is not easy. It is so easy to judge, focus on their lacks and what they do that annoys us. Many times we can feel like we are parenting alone. We can also be in a position where we feel like we are doing so much more than our counterpart or we might feel like we are on completely different pages both in life and in our approach to parenting.

Relationships take a lot of hard work, but when you become a parent they require even more attention. Recently when I was reflecting on how to make mine stronger, I had a realization that when I pray, I pray for my kids first and my husband second. It dawned on me that if my intention and consciousness was so strongly on my children first, my husband was clearly secondary. And it wasn’t intentional, it was sub-conscious, but very telling. It is too easy to get wrapped up in our children because when they are born they are reliant on us for everything, and even as they grow up it is easier to be in this unconditional and self- sacrificial mode towards them

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