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Writing has always been a therapy for me. There have been many “Dear Diary” entries, tearful summer camp letters home, creative stories, high school essays, university papers, journal entries, notes on my iPhone, drafts of angry emails to others that never got sent; the list goes on and on.

My life has always been a struggle of having so much to say, but equal trouble expressing it. There were many times (especially of confrontation) where to articulate verbally was seemed impossible, with full brain freezing, inability to form words and my tongue would literally feel twisted. However, give me a paper and pen or a keyboard and suddenly I would become exceedingly coherent. I guess expressing myself to my journal or my computer was always easier as it didn’t have an opinion, couldn’t talk back, and I have no approval issues with either medium.

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For as long as I can remember, I have always believed I live with a bigger purpose, and if I do, then don’t we all? We all have many missions in life, but what I have learned and what I now know is that the main one is to grow.

Life is like an obstacle course; full of hurdles,  barriers and obstacles. If we want to make it through we need to figure out how to get across all of them. Certainly, we can skip them, decide to take a ‘pass”, but what happens is that we never end up feeling so good at the end of the course if we didn’t give it our all and figure out how to go through all of those challenges.

The good news is though, when we do there is something inevitable that happens, and that is that we GROW. And the wonderful thing about growth is it makes us feel strong, powerful, capable, fulfilled, and just simply awesome. You know what’s even cooler? All day and every day we are presented with these opportunities to grow. These obstacles we get, we can go through them or we can grow through them, the choice is up to us.

The aim of my blog is to share with you those obstacles I have passed through. Some of which I jumped over making it safely and with plenty of room, others that I just barely made it across. The ones I skipped, they still happened, they were still painful, but there wasn’t much end result other then that it took up my time and energy. The ones that I confronted though, I emerged a different person at the other end of them, just as we ALL can. Every day each and every single one of us can choose to grow through our day and emerge a different person then when we woke up that morning.

This blog itself will be I am sure a growing process for me. While I have always written, those words always got closed up in a journal, safely tucked into the nightstand next to my bed, or locked behind my phone or computer password.

Now is the time for me to expose myself, my words, my life, my growth. My prayer is that this will inspire myself and others to keep growing through their life experiences too.

Love and growth,



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