Your child is screaming, but can you hear them?

Have you ever been in a situation where you are having a conversation with someone and you “randomly” start to cry, or you get annoyed or upset by something that actually isn’t a big deal? We go through things in life which cause us pain, anger us, make us feel fearful or frustrated, and when it comes out we end up taking it out on something or someone else. And, our children (no matter what age) work the same way.

I want to stress that while I am giving the example of my 5 year old, this lesson applies to crying babies, tantrumming toddlers, silent children (many times distress can be silent as well), rebellious teenagers and even other grown ups (or our grown up children). And while most parents will recognize these behaviors are cries for attention, to parent with consciousness means that no matter what the age, we are ready to look both inside of ourselves and help our children explore within them, what is triggering them to behave in this way.

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